Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City

After spending the whole day in the train I arrived late and fairly tired in Nha Trang. I went to the hotel and was lucky since they read my mail and someone was there to let me in and unlucky since the hotel was… not the best. Good thing it was only for one night. I found some food in form of a smoothie and a sandwich near the hotel and went to bed.

On the next day I got out of that hell hole and switched to a hotel a bit nearer to the beach. Yes, beach. Nha Trang felt a bit like the Mallorca for Russians. Especially the beach area was really nice. Only the water was a bit too warm.

The day after I chilled a bit at the beach and went to a hill near the city that a big, white Buddha calls home. The nearby temples had some decorations leftover from the new years festivities.

I – again – screwed up booking my train ticket ahead so I had to book another flight to my last stop in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon.

Although not the capital city it is the biggest city of Vietnam. My hotel was right in the center of this big town which meant crazy traffic again. But also some really good places for food.

So after a sleep day I spent the day walking around the city. My goal was the War Remnants Museum. On the way there I had a weird encounter with a local guy who kind of grabbed my flip flops that surprisingly started to show some wear and tear after the last 10 years. Before I could react he started gluing an extra sole to it. At that point I just watched him tinker and prepared myself for the inevitable haggling session. When he was finished my flip flops had a crappy “new” but slippery sole, a black shoe creme finish and some glue stains. I managed to negotiate his outrageous 20 € request down to 2 € though and I only nearly fell twice (that sole…) on the 200 meters to the museum.

The Museum experience started fairly innocent with some war gear in form of tanks, choppers and airplanes. I walked next to a bigger group of younger folk that joked around and had a good time. Once we entered the next part where they described quite detailed the prison camp practices (keyword “tiger cages”) everybody shut up real quick. After that part you go into a three story building where they describe the different phases of the war in a lot of detail. At some point I stopped reading. Obviously the US are not getting away easy here. Winner writes history and all that. Also: War is fucked up!

So in hindsight a very interesting experience that explained a little bit the mixed feelings the local people have towards western looking tourists.

I had the full next day left to explore so I started walking this time in the other direction. On my list was a small park next to the river and a big tower next to it. The view from the sky-deck was cool and they also had a seating area where I could chill a little bit.

I also wanted to get a massage but the place I had in mind did not take credit card and I was reluctant to get more cash.

Eventually I made my way to the airport to fly to Taiwan and after I bought my ticket out of Taiwan they actually let me check-in. 😉


2 thoughts on “Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City

  1. I liked it a lot but had not that much time unfortunately. At that time I was a bit “overtoured” if that makes sense so wandered around on my own. There was probably other stuff that I missed but you always have to leave something to come back for, right? 🙂


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